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Fretwood Mack blurs the lines between decorative and functional.

“I didn’t invent the scroll saw, but I’m redeveloping its reputation.”


Rustic, unique, historical, beautiful, your Fretwood Mack project illustrates artistry and creativity. Put us on display for you.

3 Key Benefits to ordering a Fretwood Mack sign


Eric has made me numerous pieces over the years that I’ve been able to give out as Christmas presents and other random gifts. Every time I come to him with a new idea, he has never said, “No, I can’t do that.” He has made many time consuming, labor intensive pieces. At this point, I just tell him the basic idea and trust him with the rest because I know I’m going to like what I get.
Kyle F.
Fretwood Mack is a creative and trendy business that I would highly recommend for birthdays, anniversaries, and any other special day. How they custom engrave into high end wood completely blows me away! What they bring to the table is so unique that everybody should have a piece from them!
Brooke N.
Eric always puts fine detail and heart into all his projects which shows as an exquisite finished piece of artwork. Fretwood Mack is a name that will soon be very recognized for its pieces big and small.
Brandy G.
The products I’ve browsed are like none that I’ve seen with other craft makers. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one, to share my faith with a unique display! Thanks for your professional designs, and your focus on details. I can’t wait to see what new items are on display next!
Jody M.
Eric’s work is top notch. The workmanship and detail he puts into each project is what makes his pieces works of art. Many times I have been blown away by the craftsmanship and imagination of what can be done with a simple scroll saw and a hunk of wood. I own a few pieces from Eric and making room for more.
Jonathan B.

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