About Fretwood Mack

There are few givens in life. We all know the obvious two. Dig a little deeper and it stands true that we all also have a story, and a purpose. Being born with “special needs”, friends and family advocated for me to be treated like any other (“normal” – able bodied) boy my age. While their support was a strength, I often found myself advocating for those “less fortunate” than me. It’s a life lesson that’s stuck with me.

There is always someone who has it rougher. There is always someone who has less. I firmly believe in “do what you’re able”. Author Max Lucado had it right, “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.” My work, my artwork, is every bit intertwined with my story, as it is with my purpose. There are many things I can’t do. There is this one thing I can do; very well. I advocate. I advocate for you. I tell your story when/how you can not. Fretwood Mack is the avenue I have been given to tell those stories for you. It is the product of my story. It is how I execute my purpose.